Neil Cicierega (trapezzoid) wrote,
Neil Cicierega

Neil's Wikipedia Entry Madness

A helpful fellow posted that in response to all the sillyness that ended up happening after I posted the link to my Wikipedia entry's AfD. I rather regret letting that happen now-- up until that point I'd never seen an AfD discussion, I had no idea what Sockpuppet votes were, and I was mostly interested in pointing it out to the people who wrote originally the article (okay, maybe with a little of "hey did you know I'm on wikipedia?" pride influencing me too.)
I do still think I should have an entry. Not that I think I've made any impact on real culture, but I think I have on internet culture at least, and I don't see a problem with Wikipedia giving attention to internet culture, given that it's part of internet culture. It's usually the first place I look whenever I don't understand a reference.
But anyway, now that I understand their policies a bit better, the whole Sockpuppet vote stuffing brigade is a little embarrassing. I really appreciate you guys, but next time I'm gonna do my homework on the issue before simply posting the link and winking.
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