Neil Cicierega (trapezzoid) wrote,
Neil Cicierega

Pork 'n' Beans

So, the band who asked us to send our puppets to California to appear in their music video? WEEZER!
Now, you'll probably notice that there are no Potter Puppet Pals in the video whatsoever.
This is only half Weezer's fault.
The other half is FedEx's fault-- the puppets never arrived in California, but instead were nearly lost in a warehouse in Tennessee. We had to call a lot of people and go through unusual channels to get them back, and we were lucky to do so. And FedEx is very lucky they didn't lose them.
The video production people had a lot of organizing on their plates, and once they heard the puppets weren't showing, they told me they were going to make their own replicas of the puppets. This struck me as a little odd. I asked for pictures, at least, which I never got, but they said they'd send them to me after they were done with them.
Later they told me they only ended up making one puppet, Dumbledore. Never got a picture. Then I was told the director wanted my contact info so I could tape something at home for them to incorporate into the video. Never heard from them. So, I dunno what happened, why they gave up on the puppets, but I guess they had more than enough internet already.
Damn them for getting my hopes up, though!
Tags: fedex, harry potter, puppets, weezer
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